On screen

Huge thanks to everyone who came to Sheffield last night for the latest book talk. A few people asked me about the films and TV I mentioned. I love all these:
Patrick Keiller’s London, Robinson in Ruins, Robinson in Space
Meades – Bunkers, Brutalism, Concrete Poetry
Antonioni – The Passenger, Il Deserto Rosso
A Clockwork Orange
High Rise
Gangsters – BBC Birmingham, mid 1970s
The Game – BBC
A Very British Coup
Sheffield – City on the Move
Me and Concretopia’s John Grindrod will be doing a film night in London soon!
Also you can see links of many films that inspired The Wall In The Head on the Unbound page https://unbound.com/books/the-wall-in-the-head and if you become a patron you’ll get even more when I post them up for supporters


On tour again

More tour dates coming up – I’ll be talking about my books, about architecture and about writing in Sheffield on Jul 14 and Manchester on Sep 16 so do come along if you’re around.