Pre order my newest book – Unbuilt

Hello friends! My newest book was created during this terrible lockdown and it is out on September 2nd 2021. It’s called Unbuilt – Radical Visions of a Future That Never Arrived and you can pre-order it from Waterstone’s. It’s about unfinished architecture and ideas about the future that never came true, touching on tech, transport, science and city design. We hope to be doing a launch and some talks this autumn. Watch this space x


Some exciting news just in about my next book, which is about unbuilt architecture and fantasies about the future of technology, travel and living that never came true. We’ve just got some interesting design drafts in, we’re doing lots of edits, and most excitingly of all the book will be translated into German to be published in Deutschland as well as in English in the UK next year. Watch this space.