It’s a Park Date

Okay it’s time to reveal the latest waste of time high concept project to emerge from Beanland Towers: my new comedy podcast Park Date! Please review and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and follow on socials here and here

The website is here at

I’ve been busily recording episodes for season 1 (if you’re American) slash series 1 (if you’re not) in Boston, Sydney, New York and London, and am in the process of editing them badly.

There are some really fascinating guests we can’t reveal yet: thinkers, writers, comedians, musicians, designers and flaneurs, with everything recorded outside in different city parks around the world.

There will also be a ton of original comedy and bad/dad jokes – THIS IS NOT A BORING PODCAST OK?

The first episode is coming very soon…….. here’s a very silly trailer to whet your appetite

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