Hello, I’m Christopher

I don’t know Billy Ocean / I don’t know the ocean floor /
I don’t own any albums / I don’t know anything / I don’t go to college anymore

  • Leeds tour date

    Yorkshire folk. Get yer selves down to Hyde Park Book Club on Apr 24 where I’ll be doing bad jokes and talking about the City Parks book. Don’t rob my f*cking house while I’m in Leeds.

  • Park it

    Another book out! Christ when will he stop?

  • Ode to Ballard

    Thanks to everyone who came to mac to hear me quote JG Ballard (of course) while I interviewed Diego Marcon after he showed one of his films. It ties into the exhibition at mac on modernism.

  • Counting Cauliflowers!

    I will be one of the judging panel for the World Cauliflower Counting Contest in Consett, County Durham on Dec 8 so please do come along and say ‘Way Aye’ as those cauliflowers get counted! 🙂

  • Brum!

    Thanks to everyone who came along and cheered for Gangsters, Revolver, ATV Today and all the other lovely vintage tat me and Catherine O’Flynn showed on screen at Square Eyes Festival in Birmingham. There will be another installment. Keep those peepers peeled!

About Me

I’ve written books about:

1 the media

2 brutalism

3 love

4 swimming

5 dreams

Some things you could play at my funeral: thisthisthisthis and this. I’d like everyone there please …including all exes.

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