Hello, I’m Christopher

I don’t know Billy Ocean / I don’t know the ocean floor /
I don’t own any albums / I don’t know anything / I don’t go to college anymore

  • london calling

    Thanks to everyone who came to the sold out talk I did with Rob and the London Society, Melodie Leung and Elain Harwood on Feb 17. It was so great to chat to so many people after and to get a few laughs during my *set*. We are scheduling in more London events soon. Watch this space!

  • second prize in a beauty contest

    Lovely surprise to be nominated for a writing award for my travel writing.

  • life had become a living cowmare thanks to the thoughtless beneficence of a mad old woman

    I’ll be asking Brass Eye director Michael Cumming whether UK really does now stand for Unbelievable Krimewave on Mar 14. Please join me in Birmingham as I host the Q&A for Oxide Ghosts: The Brass Eye Tapes.

  • City Park

    I’m busy beginning researching and writing my next book City Park. It’s a celebration of urban parks around the world and the life and experiences we have in them, from playing as kids to flirting as teenagers, lockdown lust, picnics, pools, street food, sport, suntans, music festivals and everything else in between. Get in touch via the contact page if you have any great stories to share or favourite parks you’d like me to discuss.


    Had a blast on the UK Book Tour for Unbuilt in Nov in Leeds and Dec in Birmingham. Thank you SO much to everyone who so kindly helped out organising these events and all the lovely people who came to them to listen to me speak about my latest book. We will be premiering a video of the Leeds talk online very soon with a live Q&A. Watch this space! London date coming very soon….

About Me

I’ve written books about:

1 the media

2 brutalism

3 love

4 swimming

5 dreams

Some things you could play at my funeral: thisthisthisthis and this. I’d like everyone there please …including all exes.

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