Hello, I’m Christopher

I don’t know Billy Ocean / I don’t know the ocean floor /
I don’t own any albums / I don’t know anything / I don’t go to college anymore

  • big in japan

    Hi Japanese friends! My book Unbuilt has been translated into Japanese and is out in Japan through Graphic sha Publishers. Enjoy!

  • Me on Arte TV

    Bonjour myyyy European chummmms. Zis is like Eurotrash without the boobs. Regardez your favourite author/aspiring comedic pamplemousse talking about ideas n stuffff from 3 minutes 30. It’s in Deutsch too, which is apt because we shot it in Berlin. VIELEN DANK

  • Arte

    Had a blast filming with Arte in Berlin last week. We made a little film together about me and some of my books and you can see it on their arts show Twist on Mar 6.

  • london calling

    Thanks to everyone who came to the sold out talk I did with Rob and the London Society, Melodie Leung and Elain Harwood on Feb 17. It was so great to chat to so many people after and to get a few laughs during my *set*. We are scheduling in more London events soon. Watch this space!

  • second prize in a beauty contest

    Lovely surprise to be nominated for a writing award for my travel writing.

About Me

I’ve written books about:

1 the media

2 brutalism

3 love

4 swimming

5 dreams

Some things you could play at my funeral: thisthisthisthis and this. I’d like everyone there please …including all exes.

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